An existential crisis: what is the point of doing what we do?

Bosworth Community Centre August 2016 digital media report

Last month was our first analysis of our digital media output. We discovered all kinds of things about our facebook page — including why a picture of a cheese and potato pie was hugely successful (although not on twitter).

This month we’ve had some great content to post. Two videos made by young people celebrating our volunteers along with photos from a celebration day they held and a huge album of pics from our Holiday Kitchen programme.

It helps that one of the team is great at taking photos — and having subjects that are as cute as these two certainly does you some good too. However — our most successful pic was a quick snap taken by me on my phone of a volunteer — which proves you don’t need super incredible unique content and a professional photographer to do well on social media.

Our content definitely helped us reach these great numbers. Page views, reach and particular post engagements went through the roof in August. Much of our content featured people who are fans of our page, which seems like a sure fire way of boosting post engagements. Our videos also did very very well, the two videos were shared six times, which is the best way to boost a post’s reach. Despite all this good news — as you can see we received less likes on our page than we did last month. One person even unliked our page So how come if we did so well in everything we didn’t get more likes? Is having more likes the most important thing we should be looking at? If it isn’t what is? In fact, what are we even trying to do here??

What are we trying to achieve?

I’m sure if we were to read a digital media strategy guide the first thing it would advise us is to work out what we were trying to achieve with our digital media. This shouldn’t have been something we haven’t thought about — we are all clear about what we are trying to achieve with our work here at Bosworth. It’s on our wall. We have KPIs that monitor how effective we are reaching our outcomes. And yet, when it came to facebook, twitter, et al. we just seemed to think it was a ‘good thing to do’ and posted content occasionally without thinking too much about it.

Maybe it’s because social media is something we do in our personal lives without too much thought, that we take the same carefree attitude towards it when using it professionally.

How does our digital media fit in with everything else we’re doing?

The easy answer is that we’re raising awareness of Bosworth and what happens here. The more people that know about our activities, the more likely they are to come along and benefit. In that case, the key metric we need to be looking at is new people that are engaging with our facebook page, and also how many of them go from engaging with us on facebook to participating in our activities.

However could we also be using our digital media efforts to compliment other work we do here, instead of just ‘raising awareness’?

The new challenge

We had a bumper August in terms of content. Next month the metrics may not look as rosy (we’ll see!) but it gives us an opportunity to think about how we might use our digital media best. Undeniably it’s useful to reach a new audience, but we want to do more than just that. How we go about it is the new challenge…