Is Google planning to launch its own cab business after Urmson’s departure

Chris Urmson, the Carnegie Mellon University Professor who spearheaded the team involved in the development of Google’s moonshot project — the Self-driving Car Program — has left after seven years for reasons known to them.Although I heard that the man whose team won the DARPA challenge in 2005 had a beef with the Chief Executive Officer of the program, John Krafcrik who came into the company from Hyunda’s Motor United States unit last year on the same assignment. Urmson probably did not like the way things were run under John Krafcrik leadership.

However, I am guessing that the Urmson’s departure from Google X division could mean that the Internet giant is satisfied with the test results of its fleet of autonomous cars and now wants to recoup the money it spent running the program such as costs, acquisitions etc. by starting its own Taxi cab business powered by these vehicles that drive themselves on their own. Or what do you think? Let me hear your opinion on this issue in the comments section below.