4 Tips to Avoid Being “Catfished” from People on Dating Apps

  • Review messages for personalization. Did the person reference anything specific from your profile? If the message seems generic (or is clearly a copy/paste), then there’s a higher likelihood of fraud.
  • Can they handle a follow up question? Many dating apps are hyper-localized, yet many fraudsters are operating from remote countries. Test your prospective future partner and mention something everyone in your area knows (the recent closing down of a local watering hole, local sports-team news, or if all else fails, the weather). Think about asking a question that won’t immediately show up in an internet search.
  • Invite your potential paramour to connect in-person, or at least move from texting within the app to ‘regular’ texting (or even video chat). A lack of willingness (or promises made and then broken, usually due to family emergency or technical difficulty) are a red flag. Chances of success are much higher and in your favor
  • Obviously if the conversation steers itself toward lending money (even for a taxi cab to come meet you), shut it down. Additionally, some catfishes setup conversations for long-term scams, so anything that appears too good to be true initially, often times ends up being just that.

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