Afghan women in Different Frames:

Frame Number #3

Afghan women as a wife.

As I am describing Afghan women’s situation in different frames, such as Afghan female in frame of a little girl, Afghan female in frame of a teenager girls and now I have the opportunity to describe Afghan women in frame of a wife. It is a frame I have never been in it myself. Few women of one generation before me and few women of my own generation that have been very close to me have given me some exposure to write about this frame. These women who have been in this frame and experienced the live of a wife, they either are considered being complimented or completed by their other halves. Their experience is the story of resilience, compromising and scarifying.

Women are often times blamed for being materialistic or keenly interested in rich men, in my case, I never directly encountered this attribute in women I am used to know. However, I have seen that women in both situation as a wife. There ae women that are appreciate, and there are many women who are disrespected and are abused in this frame. Through the mass media we have seen Afghan women who are killed, and severely abused by their husbands, such as women who were stoned to death, or tortured as cutting of their ears and nose. It is very disturbing, no one or any of the Afghan women in all these frames deserve to go through such brutality.

I learn the meaning of loyalty to it deepest meaning when I think about women I know in frame of a wife. Especially when I think about my mother and few of my friends. My mother, she came from upper class Afghan family, where they used to have people to cook and clean for her in house before she was married to my dad. Soon after she was married to my dad, she and my dad had to migrate to Iran in order to survive the war in Afghanistan. As undocumented immigrants’ no one in the family had the working permit and according to the law employers were fined if they hired undocumented immigrants. They had to have some financial means to survive. My mom helped the family to survive by being a seamstress for years until my dad and other members of the family figured their ways out. Lives has ups and downs. Instead of dwelling at downs there should be one brave soul to take care of a community and I am fortunate to call that brave soul as my mother.