So I did what seems to be the thing to do now and watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix.

It’s supposedly a documentary about the dangers of social media — about how social media plays on our feelings and is ultimately bad for us. Ironically, the flick itself does exactly the same: It appeals to our feeling without any data to back up the story whatsoever. Anecdotes from past social media execs who are now running “better” social media ventures hardly count.

But there was one thing that struck home big time. …

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Ever think negatively of yourself? That you’re a no-good loser. And that everyone knows it. You just keep failing in things that everyone else succeeds even on their worst days.

This is a thought pattern all too common in today’s society where your Instagram follower count dictates your self-worth and where it’s all about succeeding more than the other guy.

Keep thinking like that for weeks, months, years…and it can lead to a pretty miserable place in life.

There are quite a few motivational gurus out there with a staggering amount of “ways out” of this situation. …

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There’s almost zero chance that you haven’t heard the old proverb about how lucky people are not lucky but they simply don’t quit.

It’s plastered on literally tens of thousands of motivational quote picture on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s there, in countless motivational videos on YouTube. A dozen business magazines talk about it every day, breaking stories about entrepreneurs who finally succeeded after a dozen failed ventures.

But it turns out, there’s some legitimate science behind this, and that this “just keep going” is a gross simplification of what’s actually behind it luck! …


Simo Hosio

I dabble in science (simohosio.com) and life (kaizenhour.com).

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