smh. What is wrong with you pseudo feminists?

Actually, bitch is what a female dog, wolf, fox or otter is called. Its feminine context cannot be removed because it’s inherent in the etymology and growth of the word.

It’s the same as the word fag. It can be re-contextualized with a new meaning. But that doesn’t make it any less offensive to some person who would have been oppressed by its previous context. Every listener/reader brings the baggage of their perceptions.

This isn’t over-sensitivity on the part of the listener/reader. It’s a specific lack of sensitivity (or skill) on the part of the speaker/writer. The onus is always on the communicator for ensuring their communication is accurately received. That is what distinguishes a successful communication.

The only question is who the speaker/writer wants to accurately receive their communication.

Fingers crossed you don’t shake your head at me.