When you date a public figure, (or anyone of great means..)
John M. Rinaldi

“I understand that people experience things differently and if you weren’t treated as you’d wish, then once again you should’ve left”

You just said that you understand people experience things differently in one breath. And in the next, you obviously don’t understand that one or more of those means of experiencing things differently can cause the brain to believe that you can’t or shouldn’t leave.

Look up co-dependency. Right now. Go google co-dependency. That’s just one means of experiencing things differently. One among many.

“I’ve been fighting a sociopathic starlet for a while now, but my self worth has never allowed her to define me. If she did then I would’ve been responsible for allowing it.”

Heads up. You’ve just allowed it. You’ve come to take out your frustrations with your own situation on a complete stranger, in a public forum no less. That it’s couched in the tone of helpful advice is seriously messed up. That’s some real obvious passive-aggressive behaviour there.

So yeah, unless you were always this insensitive, your self-worth just did allow Brooke Shields to define the actions you took commenting on a Chloe Dysktra post.


First with its content, and then with the choice of comment thread. Because her post on Hardwick is currently unavailable, you went and commented on her previous post. That’s some real Letter-to-the-Editor fanaticism there. You might want to check in with your self-worth in a more reflective manner. Your opinion might not be as necessary as you seem to assume it is.