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Based in Brooklyn, Simon N. Hodnett is a track and field coach with several decades of experience who serves the Long Island University Brooklyn Campus. To augment this work, Simon N. Hodnett is involved with several professional organizations, such as the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

The nonprofit, which represents track and field coaches around the country, recently welcomed four new members to a pair of its executive committees. The USTFCCCA notes that both its NCAA Division II Cross Country and NCAA Division I Track & Field committees elected new presidents and vice presidents.


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Simon N. Hodnett serves as head coach for men and women’s track and field at Long Island University. Simon H. Hodnett also previously taught courses at Long Island University. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball.

Watching college volleyball can be fun, but also confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the game, especially when the six players rotate in what may seem to be a meaningless fashion. However, there is logic behind these movements.

First, the players rotate after every sideout, which occurs when the receiving team wins a point or the serving…

Experienced track and field coach Simon N. Hodnett has experience working with collegiate and high school athletes. In his personal time, Simon N. Hodnett enjoys reading, writing, and cooking.

Modern innovations such as Internet-connected devices have revolutionized many of the most commonly used kitchen tools and appliances. Home chefs can benefit from adding any of the following items to their toolkits:

Smart herb garden: Many people grow herbs such as parsley and basil on their kitchen counters to always have access to fresh ingredients. However, the new generation of planters uses low-energy LED lighting and aquaponic pods to replicate and…

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A recipient of over a dozen coaching accolades, including NEC Coach of the Year and Northeast Regional Coach of the Year, college professor and track and field coach Simon N. Hodnett has directed both men’s and women’s athletic teams. As the head of Long Island University’s track and field program, Simon N. Hodnett develops training plans for the school’s sprinters and mid-distance runners.

In track and field, mid-distance is defined as races that are between 800 meters and 3,000 meters in length. Excelling at mid-distance running requires the combination of endurance and muscle strength for maintaining speed. …

Simon N. Hodnett

Simon N. Hodnett holds the title of head men and women’s track and field coach at Long Island University Brooklyn campus.

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