And you know ALL ABOUT "fragility", don'tcha? ❄

That's 'cause you're racist, ❄.

It's "you're". Learn English before you start trolling, ❄ - YOU'RE really bad at it.

Says the ❄ who goes around trolling PoC articles because he's scared of white supremacy falling. Ta, troll. 🖕🏿

Dear ❄: your anonymous trolling from the corners of the Internet proves true every reason people don't trust you people. Ta, troll. 🖕🏿

Oh, so imitating another racist isn’t bad?

Then your ❄ ass won’t have a problem with this, will you:

Again: Ta, troll. 🖕🏿

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This is truly a watershed moment, Black people. We’ve got Tina Fey’s overrated ass finally apologizing for all the racist shit she’s written over the years. The owner/creator of CrossFit just got the Papa John’s pink slip for talking shit about George Floyd. Hell, even Gone with the Wind — White America’s favorite racist “classic” (which has always been defended with the bullshit excuse of “At least it’s not Birth of a Nation) — got briefly pulled from rotation before returning with a disclaimer in front of it. …

(This story was originally posted on my personal site in 2015)

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“Oh, yeah, sure, I know: it’s a free country and I ain’t got the right. But I got a badge, what do you got?”
— Lt. Schrank, West Side Story

My grandfather was Chicago PD for 33 years. He joined the force back in the 1950s, when a Black man’s “proper place” in a cop car was considered the backseat, not the front. He made friends and colleagues of all races within the department, including future cops-turned-celebrities Dennis Farina and Don Cornelius. …

I am not my hair, I am not this skin/
I am not your expectations, no/
I am not my hair, I am not this skin/
I am a soul that lives within

— India.Arie, “I am not My Hair,” Testimony: Vol 1, Life & Relationship (2006)

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Dat suit, tho. (Courtesy of Marvel Comics)

As you probably know, this past weekend saw the release of Dark Phoenix, the final entry in the single longest-running (19 years) consecutive comic book film franchise. Said franchise was the first big-screen success for Marvel if you choose to forget Blade exists. …

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(via The London Mirror)

[NOTE: I first stopped logging into my Facebook account on November 2015. The day after Christmas 2018, I logged back in for the first time in three years to download my profile info and photos so I could delete the account permanently. Below is the Note I wrote (yes, FB still uses the Notes feature — who knew?) to my FB friends in an attempt to answer their inevitable questions.

Yes, the format I use blatantly rips off Rob Bricken’s “Spoiler FAQ” for io9. Hey, I know my friends, all right?]

Don’t Mind Me, I’m just Getting My Stuff

ME: So… hey.



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