Do you just want to be angry and smug, or are you interested in actually reaching out to inform people?
First, I validated your anger.
Jake Brodsky

And this is the problem right here: you’re NOT interested in hearing an alternate opinion because you dismiss one as being “smug” 🤔 and irrelevant.

You think there’s a magic spell Black people can recite to make the laws even for us? Trust me, we’d have used it by now. I said above — and let me make it clearer now — we want THE SAME LAWS ON OUR SIDE THAT YOU HAVE.

It isn’t about governing PoC differently; it’s about Whites acknowledging and coming to terms with this country’s ingrained racism and the privilege it gives them, then learning to fix it — like an addict admitting they have a problem, then going to rehab.

But you’re not doing that.

You’re still in denial, as all of your comments show. You dismiss every crime done to Black people with “Yeah, but other things happened to other people, too.” THAT’s the problem illustrated in the Dr. King quote above.

And I have no interest in feeding trolls. Good day, sir.

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