Haute Route Pyrenees day 3: Col de Couraduque time trial

Today is the ‘easy’day before 3 brutal days in a row. Just 1 mountain climb, as quick as you can — contre le montre.

Really good fun, going off a proper starting ramp in the town square:

The climb wasn’t easy but there was a flat section in the middle to recover. I kept it sensible, given the days to come, and rode around my HR sweet spot rather than busting into the red.

The views from the top were, again, spectacular:

I also managed to catch up with Darryll who had helped me with my puncture yesterday on the Aubisque:

Heading back down to town was lots of fun. We went off in reverse order so as I came down I saw all the fast riders on their climb. It doesn’t look any easier for them — they just go faster!

Tomorrow we start off with the big one, the Tourmalet. 26km of mountain. And there are 2 more after <whimper>

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