Testing testing…can you hear me mother?

My lovely wife, Eva, has set me up here to write some articles whilst I’m away doing the Haute Route bike race in the Pyrenees:


I fly to Anglet-Biarritz on Thursday morning so I’m fully into prep and packing mode. A bike box from BikeBoxAlan is coming today so the bike is disassembled and I’ve watched the packing video 3 times to make sure I don’t mess it up.

I did my last training ride this morning on the watt bike at the Olympic Velopark studio so I’m physically as ready as I can be:


That’s 6000 miles of training done this year but the next 500 miles is going to be the hardest I’ve ever done. Gulp!

Tune in next time for bike packing tales of woe and leg shaving action!!

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