When Somebody Steals Your Medium Post
Kamil Stanuch

Nice catch, Kamil. Thanks for paying better attention than me. I read CamMi’s first, and probably skimmed it a bit more than I should have, without noting the author. When I read Yann’s later, I assumed it was actually the same article, in a different format. This certainly has the optics of borrowing, and I think it is quite likely CamMi has been told by someone on M about this. I haven’t read all the comments yet, but I hope she has had a chance to respond to the similarity. This is clearly not Facebook, where we could all have a direct conversation about this, or many other things, besides the often stilted comments section I am chiming in on, likely weeks after this is relevant. And maybe that is part of the problem with M in general. I as a writer, feel disconnected from my audience in fundamental ways. My articles sit on my lonely stage, waiting for someone else to decide to pull the curtain strings. Anyhoo, this is getting relevant and tangential at the same time, so I will finish with a general Happy New Year to whomever read this far. STMD

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