Amazon Go — The New Retail Giant Awakens

I read this morning that Amazon Go are opening up 2,000 stores in the US that will offer a reinvention of buying groceries. Imagine walking into a supermarket that’s powered like an Apple Store, except its even easier — you scan your phone on the way in (at most) and you collect your food and walk out the door. Your food is billed to your credit card once you’ve left the store.

But that’s just the beginnning.

With a “technology first” infrastructure in urban neighbourhoods, Amazon Go becomes the local landing hub for all manner of autonomous delivery “agents”. Think drones, delivery robots and autonomous delivery cars & trucks. This is an exponential technology powerhouse masquerading as a “grocery store”.

Think of Amazon Go as your future local warehouse for anything and everything.

Imagine these scenarios:

  1. In sickness and in health

I want to do my regular shop personally at Amazon Go, but this week I’m sick — Amazon Go will deliver my order by drone with a few intelligent prompts on my phone. All from my local store.

2. Bugger — I forgot something

After investing my time in browsing the aisles, I forgot the milk. As I walk in the door of my house, my phone asks if I’ve forgotten anything or if there is anything else I need today —




We can send it to you with a delivery robot!

“Great, yes please!”

3. 3D Printed Wonderland — Gift for my son’s birthday

More and more of our life will be enabled by 3D printed objects. We can already send a spanner to the space-station as software that gets 3D printed onboard when we forget to pack the spanner on the space-ship; so imagine tailor-made gifts created for our children that are ordered online, printed at Amazon Go stores and delivered by delivery robots, drones or autonomous cars / trucks.


Now reflect on today’s shopping experience. How much does my local supermarket know about my shopping likes / dislikes? How painful is checkout? How 1980s is the technology that supports me as a customer in my buying experience?

Amazon Go will be the new smart-shop and once we’ve tasted it we won’t want to go back.

Oh, and yes I would like that bottle of Pinot Noir with that fresh pasta — thanks for sending that with the delivery robot — never would have thought of that without your recommendation Amazon Go.

Can’t wait for the next generation of shopping and automation to serve us. Bring it on!

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