Re-Branding is more than just a name

As I build a new website for my business and continue to research possible niche markets I’m also spending a lot of time thinking about what my re-branded business will look like to potential clients.

Look like? Nah. Scrap that. How it’ll feel to potential clients or customers.

You see, I’m doing a lot of reading at the moment. I’ve just finished Known by Mark Schaefer and I’m currently reading They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan. These are both helping me to frame two really important questions I have right now.

  1. What will my business look and feel like?
  2. How will I use my own brand to build my business?

Without turning this in to a book review, Known gave a real insight in to the process you need to follow to become known. Thinking about Place & Space, thinking about consistency, thinking about quality of content, thinking about different mediums, thinking about blogging and video and podcasting and most importantly, being patient.

They Ask, You Answer is about Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. I’m 50 pages in and I feel like it’s turning on a thousand lightbulbs in my head already. I feel like this might be the most important book I read as a business owner in 2017 (I said this on my Instagram account this morning).

One lightbulb moment I had was around pricing. When I launched Simon Social Media I had prices listed on my website. After a while I removed them because everyone wanted a slightly bespoke service. In They Ask, You Answer, Marcus Sheridan explains that it’s critical to show a price guide and to write content that explains how your pricing works and what’s included in the service. This is how you build trust, he explains. And also, if people want to see a price and they don’t find it on your website they’ll go to another site which DOES show the price.

I’d originally included prices because I HATED going to a website and not seeing a price listed. So why did I chose to go against that moral?

Indeed, I actually believe that I’ve seen a drop in leads and new clients because of this change. So now, as part of thinking about what my new business will feel like to potential new customers I know I want it to feel open and transparent.

I know that one way I’ll achieve this is by showing my prices, being clear about what’s included and having content which explains how those prices are decided. Open, honest & transparent.

I think I’m pretty good at being transparent in general. There’s nothing to hide, I’m very open and honest on social media about the challenges I face and what I’m thinking. But I realised that this wasn’t consistent across all parts of my brand. You can’t be transparent about your challenges on Instagram but hide your prices on your website, that’s not consistent.

So whilst I continue to build my website and research my niche I’m building a clearer identity of what my brand will feel like to others. I’m thinking about the experience they’ll get when they visit my website and I’m also thinking a lot about how that experience will lead to an increase in leads and sales.

Finally, whilst it’s clear from these blogs that I’m doing a lot of thinking I’m also living by this wallpaper that I found on Gary Vee’s Medium blog.

Stop Thinking,

Stop Pondering,

Stop Strategising,

Stop Debating,

go do.