Are You Looking for the Cheapest or the Best?

While killing some time (what a funny expression) recently at the airport before an overnight flight, I wandered into a store to peruse neck pillows. The store was crowded and the cashiers seemed to be moving particularly slowly. These neck pillows are the kind of purchase I typically eschew as they become one off buys, don’t work as well as you want, and look ridiculous…

source: Amazon

But, my neck was already sore and I really wanted to sleep on this flight. I was standing in front of the neck pillow rack with my headphones on trying to drown out the airport hum when I saw a sales person trying to get my attention. I popped off my headphones and he asked, “Are you looking for the cheapest or the best?” An insightful question, I thought.

Most purchases can be broken down into this question: are you looking for the cheapest or the best?

Is your partner pregnant and you need an OB/GYN? You’re looking for the best. Does your car need an oil change? You’re probably looking for the cheapest. School for your kids? Certainly not the cheapest. In reality, probably the best you can afford.

Next time you’re making a purchase, ask yourself, “Am I looking for the cheapest or the best.”

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