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Using CodeCombat in the class

Codecombat is a game that helps to introduce some of the concepts in computer science and the coding languages of javascript or python. You learn about syntax, loops, if this then that sequences, and computational thinking. Using a game to learn brings gamification to life it also sparks interest working with students that at times have lower literacy levels, lower interest levels (in starting to code or working with computers), they can play a game and learn

I played through the game myself, completing the first 18 parts of section 1 so far. I really enjoyed…

The conversation often seems to have this unhealthy focus on education technology as a separate thing, something that lives in its own ecosphere. Yet if we were to talk about technology in the classroom why are writing implements not counted, or: electricity, group tables, paper, pens erasers? The focus needs to be on using the right tool for the job. If you were teaching calligraphy would you ban pens? If you were drawing would you ban pencils? Then why, is technology, the easy target to remove from learning. Most students when not in the class or after graduating from school…

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I am nobody, but that doesn’t matter.

Because I share.

Not always and not regularly, but I do share. I share stories I recommend on Medium, through IFTTT, as tweets. I bookmark pages on my Known site and then auto share the links through a tweet. I auto share videos I like on YouTube again through tweets. I blog, not as regularly as I should, but I try to write and share.

Sharing makes anything you do open and available. Wes Fryer in his article How much should teachers share online referred to a quote as follows

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A.J. Juliani is an educational change thinker, reformer and writer that always challenges me with his writing and thinking. AJ and his partner in crime, and podcasting, John Spencer often talked about knowledge bombs being dropped in their podcast classroom questions. In AJ’s article Creating the Conditions for Innovative Teaching and Learning he talked about the PLASMA framework for how to be innovative and intentional in education change.

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The allow is for what do we allow to happen in our classroom to promote change and innovation. The less control we try to have…

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Recently I read John Spencer’s post This Could Fail, in which he talks about all creative endeavours possibly failing. Whilst this may seem as a negative he uses it as a positive, that anything might fail, but if you do nothing you won’t gain. Failure is a step on the pathway to success, you must fail to ultimately succeed and to become a success.

I let the fear of failure hold me back, why I don’t write enough, why I am still procrastinating over launching a podcast. All the what ifs hinder my progress. I fear no…

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As a relief teacher coming into a class you often have a disconnect with students as they are being out off their routine of the normal teacher with you being there in the classroom. This prevents you having the relationship build up with students to engage them in class and use as a preventer at times for poor behaviour escalation.

Relationships though are not the only area where you can be disconnected as a relief teacher. The lesson that you are about to teach may hold some relevance with the normal teacher who has planned the lesson…

I recently read the article 10 Incredible Quotes To Guide Your Life by Jon Westernberg found on Medium. This gave me the idea of applying some of these quotes to teachers and educators (I kept the original numbers for the quotes). Doug Belshaw in his work on digital literacies often writes about the ability to remix work and apply it to new situations, chop and change what someone else has done to represent you and your work. The quotes are Jon’s, and where they come from, but the thoughts are mine applied differently.

1. You have to participate.

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth…

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Yesterday I was taking a relief lesson where students were learning how to do isometric drawings, which would then be used to design a money box, based on a wooden cube. This really made the students think outside the box on how they were going to design and personalise their money box. Some students started with a few ideas, but most really struggled to grasp what they would doI then brought in the idea of personalising it for them, repurposing the box, to make it theirs. If they were to show me or someone else their bedroom…

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Tim Ferriss in his interview with Seth Godin texted Seth before the podcast if he was ready, he replied I was born ready. Well not really I was born naked sacred and crying, to which Tim replied look how far you have come now then. Sometimes we look back in despair at what we have achieved and feel like nothing has been done and are achievements are zero. Negative self-talk and self-sabotage rule this space. Yet we learnt everything that ahs brought us to here, we are generally self-sufficient. …

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I am currently tutoring a friend who wants to improve their math skills for a course they wish to do. She has a low belief in her current mathematical ability, yet when getting into work is quite capable. This low self-belief and then self-sabotaging thought processes has come from having a poor relationship with her high school math teacher. This relationship breakdown resulted in a low level of effort and a disengagement from the class and learning. …

Simon Youd

Padawan lifelong learner Tech& #edtech enthusiast Husband&Father of6. Taught PE/Math/Science now Relief Teaching Interested in purposeful implementation of Tech

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