Weird title, I know…but we’ll get to that later. Let`s start with the word purpose.

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. One of the words that come up to my head when I think of “purpose” is the word passion. Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to, its something you love, something you simply cannot not do, for example; MUSIC.

A few months ago, as I found myself singing in front of a crowd I realised I wanted to have a meaningful life.

The following quote is from one of the characters I played in the musical Footloose:

“I took the long way to church this morning, down past the old creek. I heard birds chirping and our own choir warming up in the distance. I was reminded of a line from our great poet, Walt Whitman, who wrote, “I hear America singing.” And I thought, “Aren’t we the song that we sing? Don’t we lift our voices to tell the world who we are? And what we believe?” So I ask you this morning — what song are you singing?“ — Reverend Shaw from Footloose

What song are you singing? Huh? Difficult question. What does that mean? What song am I singing? Is it like what defines us?, or what‘s our purpose’?

I believe I have a purpose. You see, my life has a mission: I want to leave something behind, something people can look upon when Im no longer here, something that can trespass, carry, and change peoples lives: MUSIC.

Its my passion, its one of the things I wouldn’t exchange for ANYTHING in life. Music has been more than a simple song; Music has helped me through rough times, music has been the friend I never had, the medicine that healed many wounds. Seven years ago… I remember walking into my middle school band class scared as sh*t, knowing nothing about music. I remember the first time I played the baritone, the first time I played the drums, the first time I played the piano, the first time I singed.

So… where am I trying to get here? *This is were I talk about the weird title^

24 hours ago I was still in Boston at a 5-week music program at Berklee College of Music. For 35 days I did what I love the most. 60 minutes ago I checked my mail.

I find it funny, but not a cheerful “funny”, it´s more of a melancholic “funny”. Sixty minutes ago I received a mail with the grades I got for my summer homework…the results were not good at all. Ill try to make it as short as possible…I got pretty bad grades simply because I did not complete a summer assignment. I did not complete it because I was to busy doing what I love. Im kind of pissed right now, so Ill try to explain my concern through the next paragraphs.

A few seconds ago as I was writing this I realised: Im a senior…and yes, that sounds really cool but it also worries me a bit. As my years go bye Ive realised Ive been growing as a person, and not only do I mean grow physically, I mean grown emotionally, mentally, spiritually, musically. You see, Ive been thinking a lot about this: many people I know are always worried. Worried about little things. Little things like: completing our summer homework or getting good grades so we can satisfy our parents. Sometimes while worrying about these “little-yet-required things” we forget about the “big things”, the things that matter.

We forget about our passions, about relationships, we forget our friends, we forget about the purpose of our lives. These past vacations I went to college. I decided to go to a 5 week music program that served as a doubt clarifier. While all my other friends partied, I studied. While some slept all day, I woke up every day at 8am. I used my time to go learn. I made a sacrifice. I sacrificed my own time to leave home and go study what I love. With tests every Thursdays, a scholarship audition, and constant performances every now and then I had little time to complete these assignment.

So now I receive a mail with really crappy notes and I ask myself…is this fair? I mean, theres nothing I can do now. The deadline is long gone. But on the other hand I ask myself: “Do I deserve these grades?” “Should I regret going to that camp?” Its not like I was egging around all day, playing video-games and partying till dawn…


I shouldn't regret it at all. Always look at the bright side: its not the first time I start a school year with really bad grades, yet, I believe sometimes we have to sacrifice our time. My point here is short and simple: if you are reading this and are going or have been through a similar experience I have one thing to tell you: DO NOT REGRET.

So what now? Should I rebel against school and express my complains?


Instead of doing that why don’t we reflect? Lets start by asking ourselves, what could I have done to avoid this problem?


The first things I could’ve done is I don’t know…maybe TELL MY TEACHER I WASNT GOING TO BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE SUMMER HW! But I didn’t. Thats out of the list by now. I could’ve also gotten to an agreement with the teacher and propose a cooler and much more entertaining summer homework, maybe something related to music (this way I would still be learning and at the same time linking it to music). There are many things I could’ve done to avoid getting a bad grade, unfortunately, I didn’t, but lets focus on the big picture.

We all know school is a very important part of our lives, its a once in a lifetime experience and yes, I guess it’s a little unfair sometimes but theres so much things school teaches us to do, and I not talking about things like geometry or the 60-word bio-vocabulary, no, I’m talking about the BIG things. School — more specifically– the Innovation Academy, has taught me what a REAL education is. Im talking about the kind of education that teaches us how to learn, how to reflect, how to think as independent individuals.

The choices we make in life, the experiences we live, errors we recognise, the people we’ve met, the love we’ve discovered…everything is always worth it. In life, sacrifices are not regrettable. Shia LaBeouf once said “Just do it”. I believe life is either a great adventure or nothing. The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams, follow your passion. I have a soul, I have a passion, we all have missions and purposes and I believe these mark who we are and what our lives are about.