You Don’t Want A High Metabolism
Chris Marchie

That was quite an interesting and insightful read. Thank you. I’m also a really skinny guy. I’ve been skinny (and under weight for my age group actually, not drastically though) for years. That’s partly to illness throughout childhood. I’ve never been one to worry about my weight or whatever I look like, but now I’m in my mid 20s and it hit me a couple of years ago that I’m actually quite happy with my body and how I look. Sure, I would like, and probably should, gain a bit more weight, but overall I don’t care. I have other qualities about me which I can use to other people’s or my advantage. I wish other people would feel the same way though and not comment about others appearance. Apart from drastic changes to someone in a negative way like a skinny person becoming obease or someone becoming anorexic. I know people won’t stop, but I can dream can’t I?

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