Lima Beans in their natural environment. — ->

Lima Beans, A Love Letter

I want to take this opportunity to express a secret love that I've held deep within the aortal chambers of my pumping heart.

As you can tell from the title, that love is for lima beans. It’s such a relief to write it for the world to see and, just so you know, every time I type the phrase “lime beans” I’m also saying it out loud. Lima beans, lima beans, lima beans, lima beans, lima beans.

As a student, and boy am I ever a student, I do have one gripe with Unico (the fine purveyor’s of lima beans and other canned legumes). They’re like 3 bucks a can! I mean, hey guys, why so expensive? *The Joker face*

All humor aside, lima beans are great. I like to boil them and eat them with pepper. I also like to fry them with a pork chop or a ham hock. There’s no limitations to these pale-green little delights!

I feel like I should make a lima bean cook book and really leave all you radio student suckers in the dust (just joshin’ around guys).

The sweet aroma of boiled lima beans really reminds me of my mom, she used to boil me up a nice can when I got in one of my “moods”. Nothing cures a cold or a “mood” better than a flat ginger ale and a can of, as my mom calls them, “berled* beanies”.

But really guys, this blog is part love-letter part plea-to-compassion.

The lima industry is dipping lower in the stock market than ever before and I, personally, am ashamed by this lack of public interest in my fave bean. So, come on gang, get out to your neighborhood stock broker and invest.

*DISCLAIMER: The word “berled” comes from the word boiled but it is said in a strange southern New York accent. This would be similar to saying “erl” for oil or “terlet” for toilet. My mother does not have this accent but likes to put it on when I’m sick to make me feel better.