My Radio Show

I had an idea for a radio show. I wanted to share it with you all over my blog but you have to promise not to steal it. Thanks.

Last month, I was at the local coffee stop listening to my favorite Busta Rhymes album Extinction Level Event 2. Obviously I was bobbing my head to the beat and turning my cap slightly to the side, but as I got into the snare drum loop on track 6 my head bobbing got a little out of control and I did a full 90 degree head bob that knocked my XL cup of cinnamon tea off of the counter.

Needless to say, I’d already finished the tea but the cup “busta’d” on the floor. The waitress said it was okay but I made sure to put my cap brim back to normal position to let her know it was an accident and that I wasn't just there to act tough and be tough.

That’s when the idea struck me. I want to create a radio show that plays exclusively animal noises. We’re talking exclusively snake hisses, mouse squeaks, orangutan hollers, elephant trumpets, tiger snarls, beetle clicks, anteater grunts, chicken clucks, elk hoots, raccoon pumps, bear shrieks, parrot caws, dog barks, cat sniffs and whale flips.

There’s a real market out there for animal sounds. Untapped, I feel, is such an appropriate word here I need to give shouts out to thesaurus dot com for pumping up the word “unused” that I was going to use but didn’t.

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