Is Tired of Being a Well-Kept Secret

She’s beautiful and smart
A distinctive painting
An artistic masterpiece
A wonderfully kept secret

I desire nothing but her
Everything else is futile
Still, she remains confined
I don’t like to show her off

Controlling and jealous?
Perhaps I’m afraid of the eyes
Their hungry eyes
Gazing at your beauty

It should not be so
You belong to me, me alone
Should I risk everything?
Proudly parade you to the world?

She’s tired and wants to leave
Nothing will stand in her way
I can change my thinking
If only she understands my thoughts

Can I show you off?
Dance with you as they watch?
I should listen
Listen to my undisclosed wife

Thanks for reading.
Simon Gacheru, 2021.

Simon Gacheru

Film Director. Screenplay Writer. Travel lover. Occasionally funny.

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