Ethereum Metropolis update could be split into 2 forks

Ethereum developer meeting #20 took place on Friday 14th July, 2017. You can find agenda for the meeting here. YouTube recording is also available.

A lot of attention was focused on proposal to split Metropolis update into 2 separate forks, as suggestion was recently made to differ EIP86/208 (Abstraction of transaction origin and signature) from initial release of Metropolis and include it in second hard fork. January / February 2018 was mentioned as potential release for Metropolis “Part B”, but this depends highly on whether devs decide to go through with this approach and how many EIP’s will be planned for this second fork.

After dev meeting took place everyone agreed that this is viable solution and moved onto discussion of what will be included into “Part A” of metropolis update, some examples include:

EIP100 Change difficulty adjustment to target mean block time
EIP96 Blockhash refactoring

~ SC

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