Apple CoreML: Steal User Data 6x Times Faster

If Apple really cared about its consumers privacy; they would take a more active role in adding functions to protect it, and stop adding “features” to invade it.

One of my main grip about iOS/Apple is the that you can not disable ‘People’ and ‘Place’ albums within the photo app. Or even deeper, there is no option to disable scanning of photos entirely. This should be a OPTION not a forced (claimed) ‘Feature.’ I’m aware this scanning process takes place directly on the device (according to apple) and no data is sent up to the cloud for processing. But that should not make a difference as to if the ‘feature’ is optional or not. There should be an universal option to turn off scanning/spying on a consumer's personal files.

Apple's issue is they believe something is a “feature” that Everyone wants, when that’s just not true. They force every ‘feature’ onto the consumer with no option to turn it off if they do not want it, or don’t find it as a ‘feature.’ I do know that there are many other companies with this issue as well, but Apple is the one on ‘trial’ here.

I have a an iPhone 7+ but because of what I feel to be a invasion, I don’t use one of the biggers functions of the device; The camera.

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