i love the house that you pictured.
e genevieve williams

Hi Genevieve, thanks for the comments! I remember in Boston they also had a house selling program, each for $1, and I’m kicking myself for not picking one up.

Newburgh was designed as an ideal small town with some really remarkable houses and some very wide streets all paved with bricks. Once manufacturing jobs left, the city was burdened with high maintenance costs that, along with a dwindling property tax revenue has left them without enough income to keep up. It’s in a spiral that many community groups are fighting to turn around and try as they might there are some very fundamental urban layout issues that, as I mention, must be addressed.

You could say, because of Newburgh’s situation and potential, I’ve put it under my wing. I wrote up this short piece to perhaps share with their planning commission. We’ll see if they trust in my judgement.

Brownstones of the Upper West Side are incredible, so large and spacious. Who wouldn’t want one.

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