The Train Wreck and Clean Up Crew

It was Christmas 2014 and it had been 4 months since Id seen my wife and 3 kids because I was away working and sending money home. My flight was full of turbulence and my thoughts were on my wife’s reaction when she see’s the Pandora birth stone ring I had bought her. I had never bought her a ring other than the wedding rings when we took our vows so this was a special Christmas present.

Christmas morning comes along and she opens the box and loses her breath for a second in shock. She looked at me in disbelief and confusion. That’s when I first got that feeling…like something was wrong. My kids began to tell me about Mom hanging out with a 17 year old who went to the same high school as my middle son. I began probing only to be met with lies about how “I am the only one she want’s” and “he is just a friend”. I had no evidence and she had a thing where when I was getting close to the truth, she would turn real mean. I knew in my heart that she was cheating and so I caught her by clever means and found out that my wife was a pathological lair and had many other affairs while I was away over the years. Once all the lies were exposed she became another person, someone Id never met before and this person hated me for uncovering the truth.

I ended up in the psych ward at the hospital staring at a wall thinking of the best way to end my miserable life. I felt like a complete failure as a husband and I felt as though life would never get better. I ate no food for 3 weeks and stopped drinking water for 3 days until something hit me. I still had my 3 kids and…they are going to need me!! And so the slow journey to healing began. It was not easy but my kids kept telling me that I was an awesome dad and to not ever give up.

Over the last year and a half I have taken the time to learn about myself and some of my weaknesses that I could improve on. I made a goal to improve my physical health and chose to do some kind of exercise each day and that has resulted in a 10 inch loss on my wast with a real chest to boot. I drink fresh lemon water everyday and also drink chaga tea every so often. I cut out all sugar and only eat good food…especially organic! I have worked on my mental health by limiting stress, being outside in nature and I have reconnected with my long lost man-hood through the best men’s help group over at the

Bottom line here is that I am doing fantastic even though my life was torn apart. I overcame something that I never thought I could and in a way, this is my way of helping those who feel like there is no hope. I want people to know that they can overcome anything with time. Too many people are loosing their minds over a person and their actions… so instead, let karma take care of that situation and you take care of yourself!

YOU are the most important person in your life!

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