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The TTA personal GmbH has a vast experience of sending medical professionals abroad to Spain. The firm also enhances the foreign language skills of the doctors with language skills B2 and C1 to various cities in Switzerland and Germany as Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, etc.

Spanish Medical Professional Competence:

The Spanish medical studies are in totally in compliance with the International level. This standard of medical studies is same as in Switzerland and Germany. The total duration of the study in Spain is six years. The first two years of the study solely focused on the acquisition of communication and language barriers.

The acquisition of a foreign language is an integral part in Spanish medial studies. This foreign language acquisition also placed the medical professional to international competent level in Spain or in abroad. The next four years of the program solely focused on specializing in certain clinical and medical trials in medical centre and hospitals. While, the final and sixth year of the study focused on students’ final year thesis and research reports. The overall curriculum of the Spanish medical studies mediates friendly and cordial relationship between the doctor and patient. This effective communication is an integral part in Spanish medical studies.

Postgraduate Studies of Spain:

The overall structure of postgraduate medical studies in Spain is among the top in entire Europe. About 90% of the courses offered in postgraduate medical studies are identical as in Switzerland and Germany. The doctors per capita in Spain are higher than the other European countries. In terms of doctors per capita, Spain stands only next to South Korea.

Spain is the hub of professional and qualified medical specialists that offered their expertise in various medical domains. The abundance of doctors also lessens the chances of medical jobs in Spain. This excess of doctors also causes problems for fresh job seekers and professional, so they have to move abroad to find their desired jobs in that particular country. Such medical professionals can apply for jobs in other countries as in Switzerland and Germany. The procedure for filing of application and selection criteria is varied to fresh medial professional and a specialist. All the steps involved in the selection criteria must be taken into account in order to enhance your chances for final selection.

Role of TTA Personal GmbH in Moving Doctors from Spain to Abroad:

Every new and experienced medical professional must follow these regulations prior filing their job application to the respective authority. A firm grip on these regulations can also increase the probability of selection.

The TTA personal GmbH facilitates new doctors to move abroad in other countries as Germany and Switzerland to get their hands with the job of their dream. A large number of fresh medical doctors usually apply for hospital, clinics and medical centers of various cities of Switzerland and Spain. The filing of an application requires certain obligatory conditions as credentials, proof of language B2 and approval for a job in the destination country.

In Germany, this review is done by the Medical Association Commission, while the same review in Switzerland is done b the MEBEKO medical associates and professionals. This commission grated approval in different states in permanent or temporary basis. The basic approval is in fully compliance with the EU Directive 2005 / 36 / EC in the European Union University title. Switzerland has also joined this directive.

The selection criteria of a medical professional or specialist requires different terms in conditions. In Switzerland, past the acknowledgment of the quantity of pending acknowledgment methodology is reliant, while the minimum proof of at least 1 year activity in certain German language speaking countries is mandatory.

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