Blockchain — distributed ledger

I’ve been hearing about Blockchain for a few years now. Not entirely sure what it meant…but it came up often so I figured I’d find out.

I first heard Don Tapscott speak about innovation at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto a few years ago. When he wrote the book Blockchain Revolution co authored with Alex Tapscott, I knew it would be filled with valuable insight.

2016 book launch

I have just started reading the book and will share my observations as I read through the chapters. A few interesting insights I’ve come across in the first couple of chapters:

  1. It’s time for central banks everywhere to seriously study the implications of moving entire national currency systems into digital money; Carolyn Wilkins, Bank of Canada.
  2. “Those who say “privacy is dead — get over it” are wrong. Privacy is the foundation of free societies.
  3. People ought never to be defined by their worst day.
  4. In order to achieve prosperity, an individual must posses, at minimum, access to some form of basic financial services.
  5. Billions of excluded people can soon enter the global economy.

Don Tapscott runs the Global Solutions Network at the Rotman School of Management. Here he speaks about some of the new technologies impact our lives: