My 2017 News Years Rant on Rejection & Distraction

I want to be different, I don’t want to be a brainwashed bozo, I want to create something for this world for which it can enjoy. Crush the enemies and nay-sayers but in such as way that they will not notice until till the twelfth hour and have no power to change what is.

I hate the ignorance but I love ignorant people who desire to grow from their ignorance, because I am among these people “The one thing I do know for certain, is that I know nothing.” I am a emotional man however emotionally intelligent and involved. Introverted yet a beast when the it is needed.

Rejection is painful but I love it because it puts us in a place in which we have to raise our standard or innovate to get what we need. People dislike rejection because there primary instinct is to react ‘emotionally’ and draw the most convenient conclusion for their circumstance. This is an issuse because It clouds the truth and makes us feel better in the moment; a painkiller. To understand the real reasons behind the rejection you must open your ears and eyes before you open your mouth to see the truth. Successful people have their senses engaged and are able to take advantage of stupid people, the selfish people and especially the ‘All talk not action’ people who say more than they do.

Today we are surrounded by so much noise and distractions that the only way to start the journey of self – realization is to become a filter of the world and stop falling into the traps of over – consumption and protectively taking time to think, educate and understand oneself. From the beginning we are taught that we need more: more money, bigger houses,cars televisions and we need it more quickly! The a child who watches TV for 2 and a half hours a day will see 45 mins worth of advertising which is designed to only do one thing make you want and buy more crap that you do not need. This is nothing but a huge distraction and before we know it we will be left high and dry, raped of our minds and raped of our money.

Am selfish because I am scared & sometimes I hold back the truth I see & except mediocrity because I fear hurting feeling and being ridiculed by those who are around me?. Holding my tongue so I can be one step ahead of those who need motivation to take initiative?. I’m just doing what all the others in the know do so am I wrong?. Throughout life I have learned most people don’t really want to change they just want to complain make excuses and wishes that things would be better but they’re comfortable and won’t do anything except play the lotto every week,pray for a better life and talk about what they would do with the winnings but won’t invest 30 mins a day on reading a book.

I’ve been laughed at, mocked and called “different,weird, crazy” for not eating meat, not playing video games 24/7 but what these people do not understand is that I learn from the masters and we laugh at stupid people much harder because we keep them comfortable so they never peek outside the cages they’re living in to find out whats really going on. Take your giggles, your steaks and your illusion of choice because I would rather choose freedom over the difference between coke or a pepsi a nike or an adidas.

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