Our past memories are never past

At times we glimpse an object, hear a sound, or catch a whiff of a smell that brings us back to place and a time of a far gone past… or so we thought.

This morning, while on train commuting to work I was listening to a song by an unknown Tunisia artist I found myself remember my mom. I sat listening to the lyrics of the song and its harmonies in a complete trans. At the end of the song, I found myself thinking I should share this song with my mom, she would really enjoy it!!! Why now? Why this song? Why even my mom? She was never tech-enabled!!! I could have never “share” with her a song I heard.

My mom and I

I kept wondering how memories surround us, engulfing our every sense, yet remaining completely invisible until we stumble on a gentle reminder in the form of sound, image or smell.

I then found it even more profound to see how we “activate” such memories further by “engaging” them in a “present” way. Not as a long-gone past, but as a new moment or experience that is much alive.

Well, as I approached the last train stop, I smiled within myself, sighed with a gentle touch of sentimentality, and shared my newly found song with my mom…in my heart. I am more than certain, she will enjoy it.

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