Marriage, Sex, and Kids

You know when your a teenager sneaking around with your boyfriend, trying to be all grown whenever you two can find the space, time, and place.. lol Those days.. But during all of that I remember think man I can’t wait until I am married ( I married that said and we have our own house. No more sneaking around. We can “Do it” when ever where ever, As many times as we want. I will be the first to tell you I love Sex, (probably why I got married at I can’t imagine an marriage without it. And just the idea to be so free with him I mean I was really looking forward to it..

Now lets move forward, Married in my own house, but with 3 kids. If I thought trying to “Do it” when I was 17 was hard.. Oh MY Goodness with kids its almost seems impossible. I mean come on… when you try to get them to bed, and there is always that one that wakes up or doesn’t want to go to bed. And more then likely its the baby who just wants to nurse until both of you have fallen asleep. Oh and then lets not for get we both work, and we home-school and there is cleaning and feeding. Trying to stay fit. Or the fact that my husband stays up latter then me. More like I’ll end up falling asleep with the baby who by the ways co-sleeps with us. There is also the fact that our bed room has no door, though our room is on the top floor and that is all that is on the top floor. But its not like those kids don’t feel free to just come up, and even when we did stay in a house where we had a door, they would just stand by the door, knocking and asking 100

Now I know we could make the little one sleep in her own bed, but I like to the conveniences for nursing. Plus she will be two in 8 months and out she ( well we will start moving her out) And we could be more force full on bedtimes..But really our lives works for us. And we find ways to make it time for us. I will say this you think as a teen your creative, It compares nothing to Parents. How quick you can do it, Where you can do it, How quiet you can do it! hahaha. I mean really. Quickie's take on a whole new meaning when your parents.

I laugh now thinking back to when I thought it would all be about rose petals and candles. It can be hard sometimes. We both are so busy through out the day that we are worn out and just want to close our eyes and not here mom and dad for at least 5 hours while we sleep. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We find the time some how, we manage to find the energy to make it happen and though I can’t tell you how many times a week. Or that we make sure we at least do it this many times a month. Instead its all fly by your pants and ready set goes. I love it. I love the fact that our lives are so full of people and daily obligations. But most of all I love that fact that even through all the craziness we still try hard to make time for us to connect in that way.

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