God just tested my Evangelist as I was writing this. Ironic.

I just wanted to practice. I know that sounds weird, but even in practice you can meet someone who is Christian. I left it because she said she didn’t come to the area that often. She’s just here on a business trip. I also wanted to meet someone new. It’s hard for me to do that. I tend to feel more comfortable in the familiar. Jumping out of the loop is pretty crazy. But you never know, so you have to try. The lady sitting next to me is Chinese. Same story as me. She came to Florida when she was 5. She was from California. I just thought it was strange.

I think so much about people is different, and yet the same. Circumstances may be the same, and personality may be different. There’s so much to be explored.

So prophets is difficult. It’s difficult to love. I am a counter cultural person. It’s the beliefs. I save up money instead of spending. I dress with the same clothes as I have before. I don’t want my kids to watch crazy shows. Perhaps I should buy a season of Doug, Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, Friends.. I want my home to be minimal. If I don’t need a couch… if I don’t need 24909 pairs of shoes… if I don’t need a whatever every family wants… maybe I could teach my kids something? Prophets is difficult to show love. You rebuke. You reproach. I asked God to rebuke me. To teach me His ways, so I can teach others. No hypocrisy here. And if is it, I shall admit.

Ezekiel 34 finally had some not so scary things. Almost every other chapter is like death, destruction because of disobedience. Does the D sound imply bad? Almost seems so piercing.

This particularly chapter talks about how we are neglecting sheep. We are not pastoral. God will reclaim the sheep and establish a covenant of peace.

Prophets cause change. Hopefully if righteous, then towards God. Our minds and hearts would be swept with truth and we could fully be more like God.

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