Surrendering to God

What does surrendering look like? An act of submission. What does submitting look like?

That’s the question I’ve always never known the answer to. Yesterday, it was through prayer when I asked God to forgive me for hurting people (both known and unknown). Submitting could be an act of doing something like if you are scared, you do it anyway and come out courageous.

For me submitting is hard. I’ve always been the rebel. I think its because of being so insecure about live. But when submitting happens, confidence is gained. Confidence about identity, etc. The fear is stripped away.

I want to challenge myself to submit in whatever days is left of lent. Whatever fears like related to pharmacy school, related to marriage, related to being a mother, to being a child of God,… I want to work on how to submit these things. I think the realm of relationship is so touchy that it’s hard to approach. It’s hard to hurt people. Hurting can be for the better. It’s hard to not hurt people when it’s for the worse.

I want to have healthy relationships with many people one day. I want to find the courage to do that: to love.

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