Voting blue does not absolve white people of racism
Shannon Cofrin Gaggero

I must commend you for not taking a backseat and waiting for everything to “blow over”. I feel that is the attitude most people take that leave others feeling abandoned. Until of course, it happens to them.

I know your neighborhood. My son has been living in the area for 4 years. During the first two, neighbors called the police when he was walking home from work. He knew who called because the officer’s car radio was loud enough to repeat a neighbor was concerned becausr their was a suspicious black guy walking down the street. He’s in his twenties and I remember quizzing him like he was 13, wondering what did he do to draw attention. He responded, “Nothing other than walking down the street with my headphones in.” He said he sat on the curb while the officer ran his information and apologized. He was two blocks from home.

I live in Grant Park and I too am a follower of NextDoor. I see some of the same issues. Just recently a parent posted pictures if her sons to remind residents who they were because a neighbor followed them in a car and took pictures of them. The younger one was shaken up. Luckily several people surrounded them with love and support upon finding out.