A few minutes with…

Comedy in The Crown

1. Who are you?

We are Comedy in The Crown, a weekly free open mic comedy show run by Lee Wilson and Phil Hawksworth.

2. What do you do?

LW — We bring brand new comedians to St Albans every week to the gorgeous Crown pub on the corner of Clarence Park.

PH — We take it in turns to host while the other one takes care of the technical running of the show.

LW — It’s a lot of hard work but we get a real kick out of doing it

PH — Did you mention that it’s a FREE night too?

LW — It’s a FREE night too!

Comedy in the Crown

3. How did your business come about?

LW — I plucked up the courage to do my first gig back in 2014, it went really well and so I’ve not stopped doing it ever since. I originally set up a monthly night in St Albans before joining forces with Phil to launch the weekly show at the Crown.

PH — Yeah, not long after Lee started I decided to follow him into the spotlight. There are so many hilarious people out there doing a real variety of comedy, we felt providing a platform for them in front of a real audience in our home city was something we really wanted to do.

4. What do you love about your business?

LW — We put on a great show!

PH — If we do say so ourselves

LW — Often open mic comedy shows, particularly in London, can be just a few disinterested locals. It’s brilliant to be able to attract an audience that supports grassroots comedy here in St Albans. We’ve had over 300 acts step up the mic with us since we started, ranging from professional comedians to up and comers on the scene.

PH — We’ve even had fresh faced newbies come and tremble their way to the stage and do their very first set at Comedy in The Crown. It’s great to see them get up there and conquer their nerves.

LW — Yeah, we’re a very supportive night and everyone is able to give it a go.

Comedy in the Crown

5. What do you love about St Albans?

LW — Oooh, where to start?

PH — You’re going to say the food

LW — Probably the food.

PH — See

LW — What?

PH — It’s a great place to live, St Albanians really love living here and support what’s going on, there’s a strong community feel.

LW — Yeah, we’ve grown our audience over the last few years and regularly have a packed out room.

PW — Always room for one or two more though!

6. How can we find you?

LW — Phil is an uber web geek, so he maintains our excellent website www.comedyinthecrown.com

PH — And Lee takes care of the facebook side of things, facebook.com/comedyinthecrown]

LW — The best thing to do though is pop down to The Crown (144 Hatfield Road) on a Tuesday night, grab a drink from the bar and come see what all the fuss is about.

PH — We have our Christmas Charity Show on Tuesday 28th November where we’re collecting donations for St Albans and District Foodbank.

LW — Bring food, or bring money and it will all be delivered to those in need this Christmas.

Comedy in the Crown
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