AEDT1160 Reflections; All But Final

I don`t know if it is the timeliness, the format or the content of the course, but sometimes things just come together and create something spectacular. This is exactly how I feel about this semester. From the online interactions to the way my group came together to generate ideas and create a project that we could all be proud of; the experience was so rewarding.

There were many takeaways for me, the first is how each social media platform was unique, in particular when it comes to the audience. To be honest I never really thought much about the purpose of various platforms and other than Facebook I wasn't really familiar with them either. However after using them and discussing this in class I can’t believe how obvious it is. For example your Facebook audience is a a lot less formal than that of LinkedIn however in terms of community I felt Twitter did a good job of this with the use of hash-tagging. For me I found it very easy to participate in the Facebook interactions, part of this was due to the fact that I already go on there to lurk and socialize. Being there already and noticing the interactions naturally drew me in to the AEDT page making it easier for me to participate. Similarly I was getting notified on my phone of interactions on Twitter which again drew me in and had me looking at what was happening. In addition to this the software I was using to create my blog linked with Twitter and Facebook which made it even easier to share my blogs. Speaking of blogs, that brings me to my next take away.

At the beginning of each semester I generally take a look at the syllabus and determine what individual assignments I will be focusing my energies on as I know immediately in order to balance my life and maintain personal equilibrium, I have to sacrifice something; I simply cannot do it all. I honestly thought it was going to be the journals because I generally find a lot of value in the interactions with my peers and I didn't want to miss out on the posts. But strangely after my first blog entry something in me was reignited, I reconnected with writing and started to look forward to writing my blog entries. The sharing, favoring and comments I received form my peers and other online “friends” made me realize that sharing is a great way to help reflect and synthesize my thoughts. These comments also helped to build my confidence and I realized that there was no need to be afraid to share these thoughts, that just like everyone else I am learning and by no means am I expected to know everything on the subjects presented and discussed.

I found it particularity difficult to comment on the videos, I realized part of this is my own bad habits. Over the course of the last two years I have gotten into the habit of listening to the videos audibly (looking only occasionally at the screen) either while getting ready for work or while in the bath…this technique worked great in previous classes however it does not work well when you are expected to comment on the videos. In addition to this I have to improve on my ability to quickly synthesizing after viewing and jot down my thoughts rather than trying to carefully create a masterpiece as the time required to do so doesn't usually present itself and the entries are left undone.

Another takeaway for me was the concept of cognitive surplus, as written about about in my previous journal, this excites me. The Clay Shirky video inspired me to think about the possibilities being stronger together and how great things can come together when we all just give and work toward the same cause. As a working mom there is nothing I dislike more than the glorification of busy, I honestly believe we have taken this super woman syndrome/complex to the ultimate level and in all honesty it has to stop. So many women feel pressure to perform at levels that are just humanly impossible, as a mother of a daughter I am saddened by this as the last thing I want my daughter to feel is the an expectation that she can and should do everything and if she doesn't or cannot she is somehow inadequate. After realizing the potential power of social media, cognitive surplus and collective intelligence I am inspired to do something about this, things are brewing, stay tuned!

Once again, thanks for reading it’s been a great semester!


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