When in Doubt, Blog it Out!

Reflective by nature my “ah ha” moments are generally a result of taking a step back and evaluating what I know, this week proved to be no different. I’ve struggled with identifying a hypothesis and an approach that would help me to support it. As a kinesthetic learner I do my best thinking with a pencil and a pad of paper so when I was feeling “stuck” on how to proceed with my topic I starting jotting down what I know about research. .Sadly it was a short list but it helped me to identify where I needed to start before I could move forward.

By simply bringing it back to basics I reminded myself that motivation is what explains behavior. So what kind of research could I look for that would help me understand the meaning of peoples experiences? and then it dawned on me, qualitative research!

In my mounds of articles, statistics and tables I had a lot of information but what was missing was human component. I'm the kind of person who wants to know why, it is time to seek out something different.

It`s a baby step but a step nonetheless :-)

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