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The Senator is engaging in “wishful thinking” when it comes to Hillary Clinton. He “wishes” they would drop the Trump investigation so he could go back to the futile past, where Hillary is the boogeyman everywhere. I would like to think he can put away his obsession with Clinton, but the old boy’s club gene is still active. What about Flint, Standing Rock, EPA nightmares where coal ash and toxic waste run rampant? Has anyone done anything about Flint? Yes, they are charging the people for toxic water and threatening them with evictions. That is how things are going in Flint, where Trump went to Flint, said a pile of crap, and I could see in his face the thought (I can’t make money off this)and he left. The entire GOP is panicking because they have not got their precious “bills” passed. You know, the ones that will truly take every dime possible from your heath care and social security and any other entitlements you may have, earned from a lifetime of labor. But Congress and the Senate? They want their own entitlements and they won’t give theirs up, no sir, that won’t happen. America and the world have been watching the “Trump” show, where lies reign supreme, and you matter very very little to any of them. And I just heard that Lieberman is the pick for FBI head, but he worked in a law firm representing Trump. That stinks to me, of obstruction and continuing on the same insane path as before.