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What is unacceptable is to pretend it does not exist. So many of the Senators and Congressmen live in a world very different from our own. Some have been wearing blinders to block out the actual reality we live in America. Mr. Hatch for example, lives an insulated life. He cannot possibly put himself in your shoes. It seems that almost without exception, Trump has nominated the most radical people to KEEP the DC world in view. He looks at this as a “game of war”, my words. The police are trying not to evolve, change, grow. Some are so stuck in the past they can’t imagine a future where everyone has a voice. One thing I can see happening, is surprisingly positive, and that is we the people will be tweeting our opposition and support for the world to see. Mr. Trump has opened the tweet door, he has to tweet, he has no impulse control. His words flash world wide, but we get to reply. Support or opposition, we are showing the world that they matter, Trump does not own the world, or the airwaves, or the internet. Let’s keep it that way.

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