Meet mark..

In case you were wondering who mark is. He’s the guy I just lost my virginity to tonight . I know I was supposed to be waiting until marriage but it happened and I can’t take it back. We’ve been texting for awhile and finally hung out tonight. We told my parents we were going to see a movie but really checked into a hotel. He made me lay with him and I did but kept sitting up because I felt awkward but he made me lay down. Finally he got in front of me and asked me to scoot to the middle. I knew it was going down then. He took off his shirt all sexy and unbuckled his pants and took them off. Then he climbed on top of me and spread my legs open. He slowly started kissing on my neck while grinding his dick on me. I could feel him so hard and aroused. He stuck his finger down my panties to touch me and I jumped letting out a soft moan no one ever touched me like that before. He then stood up to take his underwear off I’ve never had a man so exposed to me. Then I took off my panties and he opened my legs I’ve never been so exposed to anyone like this so I quickly covered my face. He kissed me then slowly stuck his dick inside me making me moan in pain. I grabbed the sheets pulling them tightly trying to take my mind off the pain. As he thrusted in and out of me I squirmed and moaned loudly in pain. He them slid his hand on my throat and choked me. He fucked me for about 10 minutes then came in my mouth. I swallowed it trying not to spit it out. Then he says that was a lot of cum. I just laid on the bed as he got up to go wash off after he came out the bathroom he urged me to go clean myself up because it was “really bloody down there” I sat there for a minute then went and cleaned myself and came back but he said the water wasn’t running so then I told him I needed to go get my bag and he unlocked the car as I went out there and he told me I was making him feel sketchy and I said okay then went to clean myself up he asked me if I had plan b pills but I don’t so I hope he didn’t cum in me because he didn’t use a condom. Then he asked me to suck his dick and I did until he kept pushing my head down on his dick and I couldn’t breathe so i leaned over and stopped then he climbed on top of me and stuck his dick in me again. This time it didn’t hurt as bad but he went for longer this time but didn’t cum he just got up and went to the bathroom. When we got in the car we had a really funny conversation but then he said something about “a lot of girls” and I kinda got mad but just let it roll off. I think I like him but I don’t know how that would work out.