The Garden Sustains

A gardener waits patiently for the right season, buying the right amount of seed, purchasing the equipment she needs. She enlists her family to help her decide what to grow, how to arrange the garden.

When the time comes to plant the seeds, the gardener and her family till the soil, creating a place for each seed to grow and prosper. Lining up perfect rows, she plants different seeds, knowing each will grow and provide something different for her family.

The gardener waters her soil, looking anxiously for buds piercing through the soil. Did they die before they even got the chance to grow? Worry plagues her every time she looks at the empty soil.

One morning she goes out to check on the garden, and she finally sees a few little buds poking through the soil. Pride fills her heart.

As her garden grows, she is supplied with fruits and vegetables that feed her and her family. She adds freshly grown herbs to dishes. If she wants a snack, she goes and checks her strawberry plants.

Her garden is a place of refuge. The garden needs her to tend to it, to pull up weeds that threaten to crowd out the plants that are bearing fruit. But she needs the garden. The garden is a place where she can go and be by herself for hours. It’s an excuse to get her hands dirty, to get dirt underneath her fingernails, to be by herself in nature.

The garden sustains her, both spiritually and physically.

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