Revisiting Simrin Choudhrie’s Journey with Secret Millionaire

Known for her continual philanthropic efforts, Simrin Choudhrie has always gone an extra mile for the underprivileged parts of society. With a vision to bring a major change in the life of people, her efforts have been highly appreciated. To work closely on the causes, she is also associated with Mane Chance Sanctuary, a loving home for rescued horses, and is a part of the board of trustees at ‘Path to Success’, a London based charity house owned by Mrs. Anita Choudhrie.

Coming from an elite family, Simrin has always believed in spending quality time being closer to those in need. She feels she can instil feelings of companionship and attachment towards them. This idea also pushed her to appear on the hit reality TV show Secret Millionaire, where she stayed incognito at Wilfrid’s Centre for the vulnerable and socially excluded disguised as an impoverished and expecting woman.

Deeply moved by the people she resided with, Simrin ended up signing the biggest donation ever received in the history of the show for this Sheffield Charity.

On learning who she actually was, everybody at the centre including director Kevin Bradley was taken aback. He stated- “What she has done for St.Wilfrid’s is absolutely mind-blowing.”

“When she revealed who she was it just felt surreal — things like that don’t happen in real life, or so you think.”

“She got so attached and drawn towards the people that it pushed her to sign the biggest donation cheque ever received on the show.”

“The money she has pledged will make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people in Sheffield.”

According to Kevin, the bond now formed between Simrin and others extends to more than just charity; it’s a relationship for life.

“She is such a lovely girl,” Kevin said. “You would never know where she came from — there was nothing pretentious about her.”

“At different points I did start to think there was something a little mysterious about her,” Kevin said.

“But I could never really get to the bottom of it.

“When the time came for her to reveal herself to me I’d convinced myself I was being silly — so I was certainly shocked when she told me she was a millionaire!”