SIN IN SOUL’S KITCHEN: A Psychological Thriller Novel About Burning Hunger For The Heart of The Arts + Control of The Soul


“If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of soul’s kitchen.”

A Novel By Andrew Oyé


Groomed for “the good life” by his affluent family, Thaddeus Carmichael has a new MBA and a new outlook. Unfortunately, Thad is embroiled in a power struggle with his girlfriend, the ever-fabulous Chelsea Fuller — an aspiring anchorwoman fueled by a fatal fixation frothing underneath her flawless façade. Chelsea fancies a future overflowing with the nectar of Ivy League fruit, and she plots to vandalize Thad’s plans to venture away from the tree.

Thad breaks the chains of expectation with help from his maverick-minded friends who conceive a haven for art, dining and nightlife. But all is not perfect in this paradise on a platter. Chelsea insists soul music and soul food are good company in the meantime, but only a soul mate is eternal. Thad insists living happily ever after is a state of mind, and he questions the state of Chelsea’s mind. One is the jilted lover, the other a jealous liar. As time goes on, it’s hard to tell who’s which, as their relationship is sprinkled to taste with deceit, betrayal, and obsession — ingredients for a bitter existence.

With meddlesome best friends, Kayla and Saadiq, and Asha, the “other woman,” thrown into the pot, the sauce only gets spicier. When their peppery paths cross in soul’s kitchen, the only thing to expect is the sordid unexpected. Eventually, scandal rocks the earthly Eden, a hip joint where anarchy rules. Illicit affairs, corrupt business practices, and violent attacks are prevalent occurrences.

Bad things happen to good people who wrestle with destiny, so Thad’s pursuit of his passion over his fate with Chelsea is a recipe for disaster. It means hell to pay, requiring Thad to perform a painful purification of his sinful soul. When Judgment Day finally unleashes its wrath, Thad learns some hard lessons: namby-pamby dreams mix with nouveau-riche desires like oil and water; words are a powerful tool, so think twice before you speak⎯ someone is always listening; and there’s no Eden without sin⎯ that’s how it all started. The irony is that Thad’s teacher is the one he feels has the most to learn about reality.

Sin in Soul’s Kitchen is a sexy, psychological thriller that explores why men and women commit sinister crimes of passion, do the most hateful things in the name of love, and cook up schemes to punish one another when sweet romance turns sour.


Andrew Oyé is a Simon+Schuster published author, novelist, poet, playwright, creative director and screenwriter. A graduate of Vanderbilt and Stanford Universities, Andrew resides in Los Angeles where he works on many writing, entertainment and media projects.




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