Day 5: Supression — Looking the Other Way

But what do you do when you run out of ways?

Tonight has been a flurry of emotions, a draining battle between head and heart.
  1. When I’m feeling hurt because of people, I often blame two things: an overexposed heart coupled with overkeen senses. So it’s no surprise that I’ve irrationally tried killing both of these things — either via the hardening of my heart or the numbing of my senses.
  2. But that would be terrible stewardship of what God bestowed upon me.
  3. If you get to know me, you’ll come to realize that I have a heart for people, so much so that some would say it’s to a fault. I wasn’t surprised when someone told me that people were both my greatest strength and weakness.
  4. I am planning to return to the topic of supression/represssion. It’s a draining topic to examine internally, so I want to take my time with it. It would be counterproductive to rush the writing process.
  5. To address the title: When you run out of ways, you pray. Currently petitioning God to anchor me.
  6. Happy friday. Fight for joy and gratitude :)