To Princess Krive,

You sleep a lot, amiga.

I couldn’t make up my mind on what to write you for your birthday — something that you have eagerly reminded me about this entire month— so here’s a stream of different thoughts dedicated to you.

Tl;dr: I’m writing about you while thinking about our friendship; pls enjoy the attention.

Some things I love about you —

  1. The way you care for your friends. To me personally, and to countless others, you’ve overwhelmingly exemplify how 1+1=3. What do I mean? You bring out the best in others, and subsequently, your love for them brings out the best in you.
  2. Our random typo words that become integral to our convos. Thanks for being my best pud, pal. I’ve definitely taken our friendship for granted too many times (something I’m working on! don’t yell at me please), but that in part is due to how loyal you’ve proven yourself to be.
  3. Your random expressions of joy. Have you ever seen yourself around the holiday season — Christmas and YOUR BIRTHDAY in particular? It’s infectious and endearing — stop it. I feel like a fool when I smile for too long.
  4. Your inability to remember acronyms. You always accuse me of making them up!! (Though, to be frank, I have made some up just to mess with you…) FYI, imig means ‘I mean I guess’ jsyk.
  5. It’s a love/hate statement when I say you know me too well. Your awareness of my weaknesses often pushes me to make the wiser decision!! (Assuming I’m not being a dumb stubborn boi; I’m not responsible for my gender, sorries)
  6. Having self control not to say “I told you so” to me. You keep it to just once a week, which is very appreciated. Petition to move it to once a month?
  7. Your patience. Gotta have some of that to put up with me oopz. Big sorry, but also big love to you.
  8. Your refusal to indulge in my fishing. Sigh. I guess that’s good for me.
  9. Last, but not least — I’m not exactly sure if I love this tbh — your zero tolerance for my usage of “hehe”.
  10. Hehe.

Some favorite memories of us —

We’ve definitely been through a lot together (and individually!) during the past two years. So in no particular order, here are some of my favorites memories with you.

  1. Whenever you’re getting ready to move back home, you get into this packing/singing/life-is-wonderful mode. And then you invite me to literally watch you pack (lolwhat??, we are kind of weird friends if you think about it). While strange, these moments have been some of my most peaceful. To me, they’ve always been a reminder of how things will be okay. Just watching you float from one corner of the room to another… randomly commenting on your own accessories… beaming with excitement about your upcoming plans… all accompanied by you intermittendly singing along to your favorite songs. I miss those moments Katherine.
  2. Our random in-n-out… outings. I can always count on someone being down for fries.
  3. Remember when it was your birthday last year and I almost got you a normal, gluten-full cake? Good thing I got lazy and ended up not getting you a cake.
  4. The one time I got you a dozen roses… I was walking past some guy, and he gave me a bro-nod while wishing me good luck. LOL. I wanted to surprise you/cheer you up that night, and my retelling of this encounter just bought out the most lively laugh in you.
  5. The times you’ve been stern with me. Too many a times, friends dance around each other when it comes to the tough topics. In short, you know how to pack a punch with love. And a kick. And a headbutt while you’re at it.
  6. Our phone calls. Yeah.
  7. Seeing you face your fears head-on, whether it be in the realm of personal (read: dumb boys, dumber boys, and dumbest boys) or business, it makes me very proud to call you a friend. I’m not saying you’ve done everything to the best of your ability, but you’ve definitely gave it a damn good try.

You don’t tell me that you love me often, but it’s something I know through your actions alone. And on the flip side, I tell you ily/imy/give-me-attention-plsplsplsopls way too often, but I hope you know that I mean it. Especially the attention part.

On a more serious note, I really do love you, Katherine. So have an amazing birthday, I’ll see you soon.

With love,


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