Lead Practice

BOE Meeting

  • Who: Hattiesburg Board of Education
  • What: Meeting discussing enrollment and dresscode
  • When: “this morning”
  • Where: Hattiesburg
  • How: Assistant reported enrollment, and the board passed new rules.
  • Why: “The future looks bleak.”
  • On Feb. 20, the assistant superintendent announced that enrollment in Hattiesburg County Schools has dropped by 200 students, creating concern among the Hattiesburg Board of Education for the future.

Faculty in Plane Crash

  • Who: Backwater State professor of rural sociology and professor of English
  • What: involved in a plane crash
  • When: Thursday night
  • Where: Kennedy International Airport
  • How: during takeoff
  • Why: five people were killed, but they escaped injury
  • Two Backwater State University professors survived, without injury, a TWA jet crash that took the lives of five passengers and crew at Kennedy International Airport.

Meeman Speaks

  • Who: Norman Meeman, author
  • What: spoke to an audience of 67 English students
  • When: Sunday at 4:30 p.m.
  • Where: Room 111 of the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library
  • How: critiqued the modern parodies assigned in college English courses
  • Why: winner of the Pulitzer Prize
  • Norman Meeman, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for My Life as Far as It Goes, spoke to 67 eager students about the travesty of “imitating the styles of prize-winning authors.”

Professor Wins Award

  • Who: Clement Crabtree
  • What: won the annual George Washington Honor Medal
  • When: last week, Feb. 18
  • Where: A ceremony in PA
  • How: awarded by The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
  • Why: for writing “Plan for Peace” about free packets of flower seeds
  • Professor of horticulture, Clement Crabtree, was awarded one of the 32 George Washington Honor Medals for his essay, “Plan for Peace,” advocating for the international distribution of patriotic flower seeds.
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