Soundcloud Homework 4/12

Writing for Broadcast

Characteristics of Writing (4 Cs)

  • Correctness: Accuracy above all else. PR and Advertising require accuracy.
  • Clarity: Use precise language. Use the exact word you mean. Evoke the right emotion. Use simple sentences. Know what you are talking about.
  • Conciseness: Phrasing and words have to be tight. Eliminate repetitiveness.
  • Color: Look for personality. Look for the people to tell the story. Make people the center of your story.

Structure for informative style of broadcast: completed circle

  • Stories are made to fit a block of time. It is a unified story.
  • Three words per second.
  • Completed circle: Beginning is the climax. It grabs attention. (Dramatic Unity). The cause is the middle of the story. If cause is not known, circumstances surrounding event. Ending is the effects. Give insight.

Written Scripts for Broadcast

  • Simple sentences: subject verb object
  • Put titles before names.
  • Personalize whenever you can.
  • No punctuation, just slash marks.
  • Use age before name
  • Numbers are difficult to understand when you cannot see them so approximate. Spell them out.
  • We are writing for ourselves.
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