The Charade of Media

Since the death of investigative journalism, all media reports are nothing but a sham. We are shown cherry picked news and premeditated public speeches and statements. We see polarization of opinion oblivious from the reality of what’s actually happening behind the scenes. The unaware and unsuspecting audience consumes these media products and react to it as planned. We see division, drama and confusion. What we don’t see is who’s pulling the strings and their hidden agendas. We see clash of parties, battle between ideologies and fake debates all to divert the attention and make sure no one truly never knows who’s actually ruling us. 
But that’s what we get as long as we keep choosing representatives and give them power over us. We keep working hard to earn the livelihood but let those be in charge of our land, our community and our wealth who have sole purpose of holding onto their position and thrive as a parasite.