3 Reasons Snapchat Is Killing The Social Media Game

New Snapchat Spectacles

Over the last few years, Snapchat has been the fastest growing social network and has caught on like wildfire amongst high school and college students nationwide.

Snapchat has become so rampant that it earned itself a place in our language, and a study from the Pew Research Center shows 41% of teens use the app on a regular basis.

Below are 3 key elements that explain why Snapchat is a hit amongst tweens and teens.

1001 ways to get creative and silly

Snapchat opens a universe of endless possibilities for teens to foster their creativity, with a huge range of tools, filters, and effects.

It focused on providing a fun and easy way to communicate and transmit emotions and ideas, by including short messages or drawing in a myriad of colors on their photos. Smiley faces, mustaches, cats, colored hair, streamers, funny glasses, you name it.

Digital natives raised with fast speed internet, teens are used to accessing information, and purchasing anything with the swipe of a finger. Now they are impatient and crave high stimulation around the clock.

Always connected, teens want to share their lives in real time with their friends, with virtually no limitation, and Snapchat perfectly meets this need.

Fresh and relevant innovations

Innovation is a key element to explain how Snapchat skyrocketed its way to the top of social media charts. To keep its easily bored young users excited, Snapchat continually offers new filters and new effects to allows teens to share their stories with a good dose of silly, carefree fun.

More fun and interaction amongst users are to come with the recent acquisition of Bitstrips, that will allow Gen Z users to communicate their expressions better by creating their custom emojis.

Snapchat also made a move into the real-time news by creating stories based on geographic locations, with random content uploaded by users living nearby.

The latest innovation was only a few weeks ago when Snapchat launched its first hardware product on the market. Snapchat’s Spectacles, connected sunglasses that record 10-second snippets of video, are expected to be a big hit on the US market.

A safe and private platform free from social pressure

Different from the other leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, teens on Snapchat have more privacy, and they have a better control on who gets access to their content.

Passed are the days when they had to worry about their parents finding an awkward and embarrassing picture of them completely drunk at a party. No worries, the auto-delete feature will make content disappear forever. Well, in theory, and only if nobody takes a screenshot.

Snapchat has become the place where teens can finally be themselves, without worrying about follower count and people always judging what they are posting. No need to spend hours selecting and polishing the best photo to get more likes and comments. The only rule: be raw, scrappy and original.

With Snapchat, teens can willingly throw self-consciousness out of the window and take unattractive yet hilarious pictures to share only with their intimate friends, rather than the world. It gives them an honest and open way to share what is happening in their day, no pressure.

Instagram is where my friends and I get artsy; Snapchat is where we tell our real stories,” confessed a teen during our study on Gen Z and social media.

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