Ariel the Demon Goes to University

It was the beginning of a new semester at the large, very nice university I was attending. The inside was multi-storied masterpiece, no doubt built by some architectural genius. There were enough large windows to let in ample sunlight, and the ceilings were high, with the ledges of the various floors lining the walls. Glass walkways wound about the air. I stood in the large center lobby, prideful that I was attending such a marvelous school.

I walked among my fellow students, who didn’t seem phased that I was a frightening demon. My skin and hair was jet black from head to toe. My legs were like a dragon’s, strong with multiple joints. The claws on my fingers were sharp and dangerous, as were my teeth. A pair of thick, black horns decorated my head like a crown. My back carried a pair of huge, leathery wings. I was a frightening sight to behold, though none of my fellow students appeared to agree.

I walked into a room that I thought was my next class, but it appeared not to be, as it was completely empty, and resembled the small bedroom of a cheap apartment, complete with boring tan carpeting and a small closet with flimsy doors. Frustrated, I sat in the closet for a brief moment to read over my schedule. I decided to head for the next class instead. It was an English class. The class was to meet in an open lounge are where many students liked to study. I headed to the main lobby again on the ground floor. I looked up to where the meeting spot was. The glass walkways lead to the study area that hovered above.

I could have taken the elevator, but I would never pass up the opportunity to show off my flying skills. I took off into the air and flew easily and gracefully to the study area, landing delicately just over the ledge. The English teacher was already there with other students.

“Glad you could make it,” she said to me with a smile. She reminded me a lot of my high school English teacher: young, friendly, portly, and looked nice with a smile.

“Our class will work a little differently than your normal English class. Each class I will be working with one student, and one student only. If it’s not your day, then you can go about your business and you will still get credit. The student I spend the day with will go out on the town with me to visit a place of historical significance. We will have discussions there, and you will take notes.” This was a new and interesting format for classes. I was excited for when my day would come, but I was not sure when that would be, as she had only planned one week ahead of time, and several boys were to go first.

There was no more to the class for the day, so I jumped over the ledge and glided down, past a row of escalators, and to the ground floor again to make my way to the cafeteria for an early lunch.

Final Thoughts: I did say in a previous entry that dreaming I’m a demon is common, and this still holds true. I always have the same look, too: black with horns, wings, and claws. It’s definitely not uncommon for me to dream of missing classes or being in school again.